Ruins and Thievery

Arriving in Tikal National Park late in the afternoon after some serious bussing/hitchhiking, I set up my tent in the camping space provided and wandered into the jungle. I didn’t even get to any ruins – I explored some narrow tracks and headed back to the safety of my tent before it got too dark in that dense jungle! After sunset, I listened to a chorus of crickets and watched the fireflies dance across the lawns in front of my tent. It was an early night for me, bread and bananas for dinner, and a good book to send me off to sleep. Early the next morning I enjoyed Burgos rancheros at one of the park’s restaurants, for just a couple dollars. By 6:45 I was back in the jungle heading toward more Mayan ruins. The morning passed much like Indiana Jone’s days pass; at least, that’s how I felt. Climbing to the top of massive ancient temples and exploring the ruins of an acropolis once teeming with warriors and priests is an experience everybody should subject themselves to.
Catching a bus to the island town of Flores was no problem, as this is the tourist destination of El Petén region. I checked into a fantastic hostel (Los Amigos) and wandered around the quaint little town. Through a series of events I met a man named Deak, a 73-year-old American ex-pat who had just been robbed the second time that week. He was absolutely beside himself, completely depressed and feeling totally alone. His life’s work – scripts of plays, musicals, and songs – had been taken from him. I offered to buy him a drink and to keep him company, and for the next four hours we talked, drank, and had dinner. We eventually went out separate ways. I only hope Deak finds some sort of solace, somehow, somewhere.






5 responses to “Ruins and Thievery

  1. Great update!! The jungle and ruins sound amazing. Thanks for being there for the down-hearted gentleman. Take good care, Gretchen

  2. Hi Bryson,
    Thanks for the update. Gretchen and I returned to Oregon after about a week of exploring the Mayan ruins of Calakmul along with several days each enjoying the history of Campeche and Merida. Please keep your eyes open and be safe as you continue your travels in an incredible part of the world.
    Best regards,
    Phil and Gretchen
    ps. We haven’t picked up any Vagabonds riding bikes since we met you in Puerto Felipe Carrillo… scare is enough;o)

    • Hey Bryson…
      I hope all is well. Where are you now? Keep us posted….
      “We need the info…….”

  3. Hi!!! I finally got on here to look around your blog. This is great!! What an adventure! Was that Celeste that went down with you and had the broken bike?!

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