Trinity Bicycles

While I’m thinking about it, I want to make sure I tell the world (or you, dear reader, at the very least) about Trinity Bicycles.
Located in downtown Fort Worth, Texas, Trinity Bicycles houses some of the most helpful and friendly guys I have ever had the privilege of doing business with. Bernie and his crew were more than helpful in setting me up with my beautiful new Surly Disc Trucker bicycle. They put up with my incessant calls from California as I asked them over and over for advice and guidance in selecting and ordering parts for my ideal touring machine. And after I showed up in person, they not only put up with me, but actually seemed interested in talking to me! Me, the poor ignoramus, the lost soul in need of divine bicycle guidance. These guys are absolutely amazing. If you’re ever in downtown Fort Worth, drop by Trinity and tell the guys there that Bryson loves them.





2 responses to “Trinity Bicycles

  1. Well kid you seem to be doing ok I am proud of you,I can see that my warnings about the revenge did no good at all. You could move your tire pump under you watter bottle cage and move your lower water bottle up out of the dirt to where the pump is now

    • Indeed good sir, I would do as you suggest, however there is no cage mount where the pump currently resides! And I am indeed taking probiotics. I think some bad food got us – we were both sick!

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