Laguna Bacalar

I finally escaped Tulúm (escaped, or banished myself? It’s a wonderful place!) and rode south yesterday. After breakfast and a little hammock-lounging, I was ready to go – but not before waiting out a good five-minute downpour. I was sad to leave good company, and the road was long and lonely, but finally I was back on track. After about four hours I stopped at a roadside gas station to have a snack and check the distance to Laguna Bacalar. As I did so, a couple from Oregon, Phil and Gretchen, pulled up next to me to fill the car. Of course we gringos struck up a conversation. When it was learned that Bacalar (the town of the same name as the laguna) was a bit too far to reach that day by bicycle, I asked if the Olsons might be willing to haul me a ways down the road. We removed the bags and wheels from the bike and got in the car real cozy-like – and we fit! By the end of the afternoon, I had made two new wonderful friends, and was camped next to the beautiful laguna at La Casa Tortuga hostel. New friends were made, live music was heard, and a good time was had by all.








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