First Days

So here’s the deal: I’m taking a few months to travel, by motorcycle, around the U.S. of A… just ’cause I want to. Dad and I started out on the morning of June 9th; we met up with some of his buddies and had breakfast in Coulterville, then headed over Tioga Pass and ultimately to Benton Hot Springs just off Hwy 120.
Lake McClure in the background

While on Tioga Pass, we came to a stand-still while waiting for a fire truck to arrive. A car had collided with an RV and there was a propane leak… what a pain. After about an hour and a half, the truck had arrived and deemed the scene “safe.” We headed down out of the Sierras to US 395, then jogged down to Hwy 120 and FINALLY made it to the hot springs. And hot they were; we all got a hot bath and enjoyed the beautiful desert scenery, followed up with a fantastic meal of steak and beans, bread and salad, plenty of wine, and strawberry shortcake, then another hot bath. Why can’t every day be like this? That night our room mate, Dennis Husman (seen below grilling our steaks) was qutie noisy with the Snore, so around 10:30 I pulled out my sleeping bag to sleep on the lawn in front of the inn. Around 2:30 Dad came out to get his ear plugs from his luggage, and he woke me up and suggested I go sleep in the spacious bathroom/shower building! The wind was howling and I didn’t sleep all too well, so I followed his advice and slept much better. So, my first night out was spent on the lawn and next to a toilet. Yippee.

Waiting for the fire truck on Tioga Pass
Grilled steaks, beans, bread, and salad…
Fantastically awesome breakfast at
The Inn at Benton Hot Springs
We left Benton the next morning after a wonderful homemade breakfast and took the scenic route back to US 395. We rode up to Bridgeport, and after lunch Dad and I went over Monitor Pass while the others took Sonora Pass back to the Valley. Long story short, beautiful ride through the Sierras into the Valley takes us to our destination, Sutter, where my old friend Jonathan and his family lives. Dad spent a day here with us and rode home the next evening. I’m still here, kicking back and enjoying my time with the Noble family and catching up. Once I leave I’m headed to Lassen Volcanic National Park.

One response to “First Days

  1. WHOOHOOOO!! I am so glad you are taking little pit stops with friends along the way. It makes me a little less worried! 🙂 You're going to have one amazing experience, Bryson. So thrilled to follow along.


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