I Went On A Hike Yesterday…

Okay, I’m not going to start out with the hike I took yesterday. Instead, I’ll start with Halloween! Or, rather, the night before Halloween. On October 30th, many of us went to a party at Harbor Lights, a very nice beachfront club. There was a costume party and TONS of people. We all had a great night. We’ll just leave it at that.

The next week we took a trip to the Oistins Fish Fry. While we were in a ZR (a mini-bus that acts as a real bus) somebody stole our friend Reina’s purse right out of her hand! The other guys and I chased him a little way, but it was dark and we lost him in a back yard. That really spoiled the mood of the night…We spent some time at the police station, then went to the fish fry for some, well, fish. But, a week later, somebody found Reina’s I.D. cards and turned them in! That’s one thing she doesn’t have to worry about anymore; anyway, she’s luckier than I was when my stuff was stolen. I’m thankful, though, that nobody got hurt. It’s amazing what lengths people will go to for money.

This past week has been busy. I finished a report and finally got that off my hands. I made a presentation as well, and turned in an assignment I’d had for a couple months. No more homework until finals! Unless you count the Island Biogeography field notebooks we have to fill out every week. I guess that counts as homework.

Anyway, yesterday I went on a hike. While most of the other people I know here went on a sunset catamaran cruise, I was lame and didn’t want to shovel out the fifty bucks for the trip. In my defense, I took one of these cruises a couple months ago, and I’m paying for the trip to St Vincent we’ll be making on Tuesday! So, while everybody else was swimming and eating and drinking, I was hiking up the island, looking for some cool new places to explore. I hiked down a road that soon became dirt, and the dirt quickly transitioned into grass and brush. After stepping into a few puddles and doing some bushwhacking, I came upon this big mining operation. From there I took a westbound road, which led me to a dead-end by a trench. I crossed the trench, scrambled down a hill, and came upon a fenced-in area with a cozy little building…one with a sign warning me of hazardous toxic fumes. I had to climb a fence to get out, and continued on my way. A little more exploring and cross-country hiking rewarded me with the rest of these amazing pictures, and a beautiful view of the ocean out to the West. By the time I got back to the dorms, I’d been out three-and-a-half hours, a good stint. With tired legs and a bored mind, I made some dinner and watched a movie. And the sunset.


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