Another Month in Paradise

Quite a while back, we had a bonfire on the beach during a full moon. We roasted breadfruit (don’t ask, look it up) ans s’mores, and took a midnight swim…such an awesome night!
School’s going well. I had my first and only midterm exam on the 23rd, and that afternoon many of us spent the rest of our day on the beach. Good hotdogs, cold beer, and awesome waves…and an amazing sunset. Two days earlier my buddy fixed my computer, just in time for Carson’s birthday. I got to call home and see everybody for the first time since August via webcam.

I can’t say that there’ve been too many exciting things going on here. For one class project, my group and I got to spend a couple days on the beach sampling sea snails (called nerites). Working with quadrats in the pounding waves is NOT easy, but did afford for some entertainment and a few cuts. This is one picture of the northeast coast location we had to sample. Those jagged rocks in the middle of the picture? Yea, that’s where we were. Traveling to our sampling site on gave me another glimpse of the beauty of the northern portions of the island. On our way, we stopped at the St. Lucy Parish Church. Each parish here has its own church, built I-don’t-know-how-long-ago-but-they’re-really-old-and-beautiful. Most, if not all, of the churches have their own cemetery, with some very old tombs and graves. For another project, I’ve been observing zenaida dove behavior. Kinda neat, but not too exciting.
We did go paintballing a few weeks ago! A bus took us over to the military base, right next to the airport, where we got to play in an old military bunker right on the coast. The weather and the scenery were absolutely amazing, and the paintballing was great, too.
It’s October, which at home means it’s pumpkin pie season. So, last night, I made a pumpkin pie for the first time! Sooooo good.
That’s about it here. I’ve booked a flight with some friends to go on a five-day adventure to the island of St. Vincent, and from there we plan on taking ferries to other nearby islands. We leave Barbados on November 17; I can’t wait to check out some other amazing Caribbean islands.

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