I like chili…

The last couple weeks have been great. School’s going well, and I’m having a good time outside of classes as well. Yesterday Irwin, Yiuing, Reina, Erika, Shane, and I went to Payne’s Bay for rotis and snorkeling. While swimming around, we saw the standard fish-and-eel-and-coral seascape. Later, though, I found a flat fish that laid down on the sea floor, with both eyes on one side of its head. Irwin said it was a small halibut. Just after I found mine, Irwin found another. I got a stick and tried “hunting fish,” and I almost got it, but alas, my hunt was to be unsuccessful. Irwin and I swam around for another half-hour or so looking for more, but we never did find them. As I was giving up hope, Erika gave a shout, and upon arriving, we saw a large ray of some sort swimming around the shallows. This thing was amazing; it would swim directly toward me, seemingly impervious to the fact that I was in front of it. In fact, I had to move out of the way a couple times so it wouldn’t run into me! That really made my day. By that time the sun was setting, so we all got out and showered off and headed back to the University.
A couple days ago I made a big pot of chili, and some friends and I had a feast together. I’m now intent on making a cheesecake (yummmmm….) and, later this month, a pumpkin pie! Mom makes pumpkin pie ever autumn…I’m not going to miss it just because I’m in the stupid tropics!


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