Sea turtles and fighting monkeys

Yesterday we went on a catamaran cruise! We had a major thunder storm in the morning, with quite a bit of rain. The cruise might have been canceled, but the storm passed by 10:00. While it was raining, I sat in my dorm common room studying and listened to The Rain Song by Led Zeppelin. Quite an amazing morning. Once we got the go-ahead by the captain (he called to let us know the storm was passed) we got together and took a bus to Bridgetown. We left port at about 11:30 and headed out to some shipwrecks. We got to snorkel around and take a look. One of the ships has a funny anecdote accompanying it: At some past date (I don’t remember when), a ship pulled into the bay and the captain and crew went ashore. After partying and having a good time, the captain (probably a little tipsy) ordered the ship to be sunk, so they wouldn’t have to leave! Pretty extreme, if you ask me. There were some other sunken ships as well. One of them was a drug bust the coast guard made; they sunk the drug ship. After leaving the ships, we sailed north for about half-an-hour. We stopped for lunch, and then went snorkeling with green sea turtles. Our captain had a bag full of bits of fish and was feeding them while we were in the water. We got up-close and personal. I snagged a piece of fish and fed one of the turtles. Later on, the turtle thought I had more food in my hand, and bit my finger! Jasmine was also feeding one turtle, but she didn’t let go of the fish when the turtle, so when it ate the fish, it took a good bite of her finger as well. No blood, but it looked like it hurt quite a bit. While not snorkeling, we were either eating, drinking, or relaxing in the breeze. We pulled back into port around 4:30 and headed back home.
Today my Caribbean Island Biogeography class went to the Barbados Wildlife Reserve. We saw green monkeys, Brocket deer (a type of pygmy deer), and red-footed tortoises feeding together. The monkeys are really cool; we even witnessed a few fights! We got to see a lot of beautiful birds, too.
Ooo, my friends just made me some cold cocoa, coffee, and rum; I gotta go!


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