We’re now a couple weeks into classes, and not much else exciting has happened. The island is a beautiful place, but I wish there was more to see, more variety. Everywhere you go it’s the same thing…mostly. We did go on a geology trip last Monday, and got to see some of the neater parts of the island’s landscape. Just as we started the trip, we heard a LOUD clap of thunder. Soon it started to rain…a lot. We had to take notes on everything we saw; it’s not easy writing in the rain. But it was fun!
The Friday before that our class went out to watch hawksbill sea turtles lay eggs on the beach. Walking around at night, spotting sea turtles walking up the beach, is an awesome experience. We even saw new hatchlings trying to get to the water!
I finally got a new credit card. To celebrate, I bought a “1.75 litre” tub of ice cream and took it over to Trevor and Jasmine’s (my friends) apartment. As I was walking up the hill to their place, I got to witness yet another spectacular sunset. It was at that time that I decided that I need to watch more of those. The clouds that build up in the West, over the Caribbean Sea, are just amazing.
It is the rainy season here, and we have had some rain, but not as much as I thought we would. I got caught once already in a downpour. No, a deluge. It was awesome, except for the fact that I had my backpack with notebooks and a library book in it.


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